Fahd Peanut, one of African’s leading peanut processing companies

More than 25 years Fahd peanut grow groundnut, have many cultivation places around Egypt , Wadi El Natrun, Fayed and Al Ewainat , these successive years provide significant experience, make us consultant for junior farmers, sharing our knowledge and information to beginner farmers & everyone have passion & curiosity to know about peanut farming

We have extended our field into other products as peppers, cherry tomato, lemon but remaining PEANUT our core product

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We grow your healthy delicious peanut

Fahd peanut is specialized in cultivation of Virginia peanut also called “ballpark” the largest and the popular type including NC 7/9, NC 8/10, NC 9/11, NC 10/12, NC 11/13

It's being popular due to its high demand for many food processing:
Salted, roasted peanuts in shell or without shell, peanut butter, peanut oil & protein cake


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FOR THE 2019/2020 SEASON

Why Fahd peanut?

Our experience, craftsmanship in applying highest quality plantation processing, starting by land preparation, passing by fertilization, seeding, caring ending by harvesting

Utilizing numerous of the latest equipment for cleaning, sizing, sorting, shelling and packaging in different types of bags

Strong presence in the global markets, our relationships around the world which built in years, make us familiar to each market requirements, flexible to satisfy the customers, expert in supply chain, logistics and distribution

All these allow us to be your reliable supplier and partner for both traditional and organic peanuts